Customizing Homepage for Social Networking Pages

One of the main reason why people join social network sites is the connection it provides. The essence of these sites is for people to know more about each other, and have a space where they can share and discuss issues that they are passionate about. That is why people on social networks need to ensure that they have personalized their homepage into a space where other people would want to join them. Whether the social network page is for individual or business, personalizing goes a long way in getting the users more followers.

How to Personalize Individual Homepages

For personal home pages, some of the questions individuals need to ask before they can start personalizing their pages include:

  • How much do they want to share on social networks?
  • Who do they want to share the information with?
  • What is their main reason for joining the social network website?

For people who are not so concerned about their personal life being out there, some of the things that can be on the homepage include:

  • Bio:

This is a brief description of who they are. It includes a short introduction of where they stay, what they are passionate about, their likes and dislikes, website if they have any, and link to other social network platforms. It also has the name of the owner of the profile.

  • Profile photo:

A profile photo is important when personalizing home pages, as it gives the people who are checking out the profile, an idea of who the person is. It is one of the ways that people who are looking for their long lost friends are able to find them. A profile photo, ideally, should only have one person in the photo.

  • Activities:

This can be captured in the form of a photo album, or several posts that show the activities one is engaged in. This gives people visiting the homepage an idea of who you are and what you enjoy.

Personalizing Homepages for Businesses

Personalizing homepages for business should be done with the intention of providing more relevant and engaging content for the people who visit the page. Some of the items that should be on a homepage for a business social network page include:

  • What the business is about: the homepage should have a proper introduction on what they are all about, their goals and why being on social networks matter to them.
  • Verification: For big businesses, the need for a verification sign matters. Most popular social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter give a verification icon that shows that the company is legit. This is done upon request by the company.
  • Consistent updates: The only way people will engage with a business page is when there are consistent posts and engagements.

People who are managing social networking pages for businesses and companies should ensure that they are professional in all their engagements. As much as social media is a platform for socializing when it comes to business, even the socializing should be done within limits so as not to offend some clients.